Supports Layered and Quota Share Placements


Enter basic coverage information and automatically generate a program chart (a.k.a. "mud map") that fits the pieces together. Click on a box and a right-pane shows policy details.


Automatically drawn to scale. You adjust the relative vertical scale to what looks best using a slider.


Create multiple charts using the same coverage database. Apply different filters to show certain coverages or programs.


Drag the date slider to show how limits, retentions and carrier participation has changed over the years.

Computer Monitor

USD $750

Annual License​

Unlimited Users

Single SharePoint Site

(Volume Licensing Available)

Insurance Program Chart


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install your product?

Register on this site and you will be directed to download page to retrieve the .sppkg file. That download page has detailed steps and a video tutorial. You will likely need to work with someone from IT who has SharePoint admin rights. They will go to SharePoint admin center > More features > Apps. Then click on App Catalog > Apps for SharePoint, and upload the .sppkg file.

Won't this be cost prohibitive if I use for my entire brokerage or consulting firm?

Don't be turned off by the per site pricing. We will custom price but need to understand the full envisioned usage. Please contact us through the form and we can discuss.

What versions of SharePoint are supported?

Only Microsoft 365 SharePoint

What operating systems and internet browsers are supported?

Operating Systems: Windows 10 and macOS Browsers: latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari

Can I customize the coverage database?

Yes, you can customize the dropdowns and add new fields.


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